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Wire Rope Main Uses

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Carbon steel wire ropes commonly used static head restraints tied knot, rope cable fastening, such as power and communication lines, strapping fastening.

Forged steel lifting rope head restraints are often used to enhance bearing capacity use, such as cranes, metallurgical and mining equipment, oil derricks, port and railway loading, forestry machinery, electrical equipment, aviation and maritime, land transportation, engineering, rescue, salvage, and factories on the hoisting, lifting, hauling, rigging.

Stainless steel wire rope clip because it causes of corrosion-resistant, not rust, are being used to ship parts, chemical plant, radiation environment.

Second, characteristics: strength of wire rope and, the use of safe, pleasing transition smoother, lifting safety load capacity, against shock loads, and long service life.

Market common is carbon steel casting process, national standards, wire rope clip casting can be used. But as modern industrial development, first due to the natural process of casting wire rope defects (holes, cracks, sand), impact frequency in damp, acidic-alkaline, and other special occasions, should be used with caution. Wire rope rope rope card is mainly used for the temporary connection and wire rope around the pulley is fixed with help of rope, mooring rope rope end fixed on a pole. It is lifting operations with more wide range of wire rope clamps.

Other names: wire rope clips, wire, line, wire clamp, wire ropes and rolling head.


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