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Sling Safety Inspections

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Sling safety checks are very important, after each installation or repair, a check should be carried out. Also need periodic and non-periodic inspection according to their frequency of use, and the inspections are different for each site. So what areas we need to focus on steel wire ropes with it?

1, movement and fixed the whole end of the rope. The areas most prone to fracture, so as the primary region.

2, crane load bypass pulleys and ropes in contact with balance wheel. Because this part of the ropes and pulleys or balance wheel direct friction contact, belonging to easy breaking of site, as part of a secondary examination.Ran may

3, corrosion. Steel wire rope sling if erosion is easy to break, directly affect the safe operation, so check for possible corrosion ran also need particular attention.

For these parts, each test should focus on. remind you when you check in to check in a timely manner the results recorded for later viewing and can be used as a projection of steel wire ropes when discarding references

Staff in general are some tools and rigging quality, characteristics, such as the detection of targets. So the most important is the requirements and methods of testing, to test the rings below:

1, the inspection cycle

In addition to day-to-day inspections, rings and testing work according to the following cycle: a Visual inspection every 6 months every 12 months to conduct a test, based on usage may be delayed or periodic inspection 1 month in advance.

2, contents

(1) ring surface condition (2) rings, wear, (3) torsion deformation of rings;Method 

3, Method  

1) the visual appearance of the rings, and observe whether the wear and deformation.

2) select a datum point size measurements:

(1) long ring on outer edge of load line length, symmetry determination of the measuring points to select two measuring points should be at least long on the perpendicular bisector of ring width.

(2) for the ring, and perpendicular to the load, and through the circular ring-diameter d in the midpoint of the edge, horizontal symmetrical select the two measurement points. Determination of the measuring points should ensure that load directly through the ring welds. For ease of measurement, using tools such as rush to mark the datum point, measured data compared to the factory-technical data, this identification with the data should be retained.

(3) rings should be periodically adopts magnetic powder inspection for welded rings, such as the inspection authority has reason to believe that welding defects, ultrasonic or radiographic inspection methods should be used for confirmation.

4, used during the test identifies

After passing inspection by qualified inspection agencies, should be painted, and valid certificates issued by the inspection bodies.


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