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Galvanized Steel Wire Rope In Various Sectors Of The Use Of The Situation

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Can be used in advanced areas such as construction, transportation, combined, traction, strapping, used for transportation, offshore oil exploration, aviation and marine fishing operations, net, net, net fisheries, such as home.

Commonly used hemp rope and galvanized galvanized steel wire rope, because of acid, alkali, water and other corrosive work easy to adsorb these materials, but caused the early corrosion of the internal wire break, the use of polypropylene rope.

Galvanized steel wire rope twist and ordinary round Steel Wire Rope is the same, but according to the working conditions, the steel wire for the thickness of the zinc layer of the material has different requirements: the diameter of the display is 0.2 to 5.0 minutes mm and the remainder of the galvanized steel wire rope , The thickness of the coating can be divided into three

Group: the amount of zinc is 15 ~ 135 g / m2, suitable for mild corrosive conditions; in the amount of 60 ~ 200 g / m2, for the medium corrosion conditions of zinc layer; thick galvanized zinc group 75 ~ 260 g / m2, used in severe corrosive environments. In order to ensure the quality of Steel Wire Rope, steel galvanized layer surface should be smooth, complete, uniform and firm. When the galvanized steel wire wound 5 or wire diameter of the mandrel diameter of 10 times, the zinc layer should not fall off or crack. Galvanized layer corrosion resistance, should also make the appropriate test.

How wire and wire are plated in two ways of continuous hot dip galvanizing.

Electroplated zinc (see galvanized wire) is made by additional power, power coating deposition method, the coating is made of fine zinc particles. Hot-dip galvanized (see steel wire galvanized) is formed by the physical "by the thermal diffusion coating, iron-zinc compounds, the formation of the first, in the pure iron zinc layer on the surface of the zinc compounds, in theory, you can get galvanized zinc Thickness of any practical galvanized zinc up to 1200 g / m2., General Electric galvanized zinc layer up to 750 g / m2.


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