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Explosion-Proof Hand Chain Hoist Chain Processing

Views: 20     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2018-05-10      Origin: Site

Load chain is explosion-proof hand chain hoist and various indispensable for explosion-proof electric chain Hoist Crane parts, general good hand chain hoist chain grade 80 lifting chain using 20M2 materials, using the latest case Roderick water treatment processes, not only has a strong wayward also has a strong friction. Surface treatment process of explosion-proof hand chain hoist load chain is divided into the following categories:


Polishing technology of explosion-proof hand chain hoist easier, most notably the removal of surface roughness, feel smooth, smooth running more smoothly.

Cook black

Cook black is the introduction of technology in European Union countries, carburizing, the appearance of dark shiny, aims to increase the strength of the chain, preventing rust, can also improve the chain's internal structure, increase toughness. Most of the explosion-proof hand chain hoist load chain are used to cook black.

Galvanized finish

Galvanized chain and silver-white color looks very beautiful, its surface has a thick layer of zinc, which can effectively prevent the chain used in rust, corrosion and so on. Galvanizing costs higher. Many manufacturers of galvanized chain to showroom samples or attend trade shows.

Explosion-proof hand chain hoist load chain besides the usual boiled black and galvanized exterior, there hang impregnation, plastic, plating, copper plating, chrome and so on many kinds of treatment.


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