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Elevator Dedicated Steel Wire Rope Industry Standard Big Secret

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Elevator safety has always been our concern, then what is the industry standard elevator Steel Wire Rope, Xiaobian today for your Secret.

1, double steel double strength, 45 steel, 65 steel, 1370N / mm2, 1770Mpa,

2, single steel, single strength, 65 steel, 1770N / mm2. Elevator rope cord by national standards are sisal and PPC synthetic fiber, high-speed elevator rope specifications for models 8 * 19S +8 * 7 + pp, 8 * 19S +8 * 7 +1 * 19

Normally, most of the new factory Steel Wire Rope has been lubricated during production, but the loss of lubricating grease will be reduced during use. As lubrication not only protects the rope during transport and storage but also reduces wear between the ropes, between the strands and between the rope and traction sheave during use of the rope, Life is also very useful. Therefore, in order to corrosion, wear and tear on the rope to minimize the hazards, for lubrication inspection is necessary. First of all, we must choose the appropriate steel Steel Wire Rope grease, steel Steel Wire Rope elevator grease friction coefficient should have a special friction grease, high-performance steel Steel Wire Rope grease is to maintain the basic protection of Steel Wire Rope life extension Steel Wire Rope. Rope at work, the internal rendering of the three-dimensional direction of the fretting friction, which requires Steel Wire Rope grease must have a strong permeability that allows lubricating oil molecules anti-wear agent composition can penetrate each wire above. In addition, Steel Wire Rope grease must also have a strong adhesion. In order to ensure its uniform adhesion to each Steel Wire Rope.

Usually the lubrication of Steel Wire Rope maintenance There are several ways One is the Steel Wire Rope removed, into the temperature of 80 to 100 degrees in the oil soak for about 2 to 4 hours, the other is a brush with a lubricant directly to the Steel Wire Rope , The key is to brush the method and the interval to master, in general, about 12mm diameter Steel Wire Rope, brushing about every 40 meters about 1 kg of grease, brushing interval of about two weeks; the other is to use Dedicated Steel Wire Rope lubrication equipment for Steel Wire Rope lubrication, this method is the most economical, but the higher equipment costs. The specific lubricant and lubrication method should be used according to the requirements of Steel Wire Rope manufacturer.

At present, elevator maintenance units really attach importance to the lubrication of steel Steel Wire Rope is not a lot, many units have become accustomed to replacing the new Steel Wire Rope, without paying attention to lubrication management. This is only one aspect of the safe use of Steel Wire Rope. In addition, the Steel Wire Rope must also use the external conditions such as: traction wheel groove surface wear, wheel geometry check to ensure that the rope during operation so that it is always in good contact with the state in order to reduce friction Ensure the safe operation of the elevator.


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