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Cableway Rope And Lifting Steel Wire Rope Difference

Views: 22     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2018-05-10      Origin: Site

Bridge cable (cableway rope) and lifting Steel Wire Rope essential difference: ordinary Steel Wire Rope is generally made of thin wire woven, relatively soft. The same diameter of the Steel Wire Rope, the same structure of steel Steel Wire Rope, weaving the wire used by the more fine, the more the Steel Wire Rope is soft. In the ordinary steel wire inside, 6 * 19,6 * 37, through the diameter of 11mm. 6 * 37-11mm Steel Wire Rope than the 6 * 19-11mm to be more soft. The market said soft wire, hard wire. It means that 6 * 37 is soft silk, 6 * 19 is hard wire. The soft wire is generally used for cases where the radius of curvature is small, such as a hoisting machine, with a mild steel Steel Wire Rope on the mixer. But the cable can also use Steel Wire Rope, you can also use steel wire or high strength wire. Steel Wire Rope has been introduced. Stranded by seven wire wound from each other, the structure is 1 * 7, high strength, but the texture is very hard, bending more difficult. As a result of the bridge cable, depending on the force, can be a single strand or stranded steel strand combination, currently more for prestressed steel. At present in the cable-stayed bridge with more cables for high-strength wire twisted strand synthetic strand, are generally hot-dip galvanized. Called the squeeze layer of twisted cable. Single wire diameter of 5mm or 7mm, part of the foreign imports of wire appeared 5.35mm diameter size. As a cable, generally by a number of parallel twisted wire into a strand, both ends of the factory will be anchored in the head, ready-made cable only with the matching nut and anchor head can be tight, the construction is very convenient, but the construction accuracy Requires higher.

The Steel Wire Rope should be cut off regularly using the head, because the rope head of the local Steel Wire Rope damage is more serious. But also timely for the first time to increase the use of rope life. Its beheaded and U-turn of the time, should be based on different conditions of use and damage to the Steel Wire Rope and determine the situation. The connection between the Steel Wire Rope and the lifting vessel is carried out by the end of the Steel Wire Rope around the peach ring, with no less than 6 rope card and the working end of the Steel Wire Rope clamped firm. Often check the connection device in the course of the operation of whether there is any signs of loosening, leaving the last two rope between the arc (rope side), such as the arc straightened or reduced that rope card loose.

Inverted shaft lifting, the shaft of the roller should be complete, flexible rotation, bed bed deposits to be removed in time to reduce the bed of debris, especially hard objects on the Steel Wire Rope wear is very large, and pay attention to the dust in the bed Live Steel Wire Rope, affecting the steel rope lubrication coefficient.

In addition, to be careful to transport, storage, loading and unloading hanging Steel Wire Rope, winch winch start, parking, acceleration and deceleration to be smooth, pay attention to check the reel and wheel liner situation, to ensure that the pulley species flat to ensure that no damage to the rope.


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